What is this page for?

This page is dedicated to things that we would like to see added to Matlab.  This may include new functionality or modification of the current behavior of some function.  Generating a list of these items does several things: 1) Helps us not forget these changes we’d like to see 2) makes our concerns known publicly to Mathworks and hopefully stimulates consideration by the Matlab team 3) allows the Matlab community to point out workarounds.

List of Additions

1) A more intelli-sense like environment that displays object properties and methods would greatly improve the coding environment within Matlab.  While something simple currently exists within the Matlab Command Window, it is crucial that this functionality be incorporated into the editor….I mean come on, who actually writes code within the Command Window 🙂

2) Enumerations.  It would be great if one could enumerate a type within a typical class.  That is, place the enumeration code directly within any type of class (not specifically an enumeration class) and the enumerated type would be local to that class.  The current behavior seems to force the enumerated type to be “global” in the sense that it is accessible by any class given that the enumeration is within the path.  Chime in with comments if I am missing something.

If there is some functionality that Matlab is missing or something that could be improved, please let us know and we will post it here.


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