Our goal is to expose synergetic problem solving with Matlab through blogs, tutorials, trivia problems and any other means that arise as the site matures.   A breadth of problems and techniques will be explored covering different sciences and engineering fields while developing solutions via Matlab.   As we all know the best way to learn is by example; hence you can expect to find example-driven tutorials.  As we enjoy DSP and signal analysis this will likely be the focus for many of the discussions and tutorials…at least initially.

In the end we hope to share information, grow intellectually and improve everyone’s Matlabing capabilities.  We understand that readers may range from Matlab newbie’s (aka Associates) to experts (aka “The Don’s”) and we intend to provide creative content stimulating for all parties.

This site is flexible and always interested in exploring new areas and content.  Development will continue to persist as the site morphs over time.  If you have any feedback, thoughts or suggestions please drop us an email.


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